Sunday, April 20, 2014

I’m cold and lonely somebody come snuggle with me :c

lost a follower 

was it my disdain for the quality of today’s lunchable contents vs cost

I will NEVER back down



A pair of D-cup breasts weighs between 15 and 23 pounds—the equivalent of carrying around two small turkeys.


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gettin my mofuckin lunchable on

shits expensive nowadays you believe one of these tiny little pizza dealios, with no cookie or candy or nothin, runs $1.58???? I feel ROBBED

not near enough cheese either

Man this lighting is dreadful.

Whatever at least my eyes are purty.

This webcam sucks my lipstick deserves better than this

it’s the perfect Whore Red.

yeah but what if I took a hot bath and ate pocky (like the weeaboo I am) and drank tea and brought my laptop and put on some lipstick and took pictures what then

how about that

Saturday, April 19, 2014
  1. princessbutterspock said: have you switched flights before? I thought the first one was free. ._.

Yeah I started out in Lightning but they were a little technical and sterile for me. Nature is super super super busy and kinda clique-y so I always feel like a stranger in their forums. Plus I am OVER the eyes, they don’t go with most of my pairs.

Nature is a TERRIBLE fit for me and I want to swap out but the stupid gem ratio right now makes it impossible and not worth it :c

But I want ooouuuuuut.





ok i actually put the rainbow road theme at 70% speed and it sounds like an infomercial soundtrack from the 1980s


this is a jam

Getting pumped up to buy 20 floppy disks of office productivity software over the phone with this jammm

grizzley-bear-great asked: It's not really fair to deny any white people to be on the time list just because they aren't oppressed in a certain way. They are good people with good achievements. Voters should pick who inspire them. Sorry not all famous people fit your criteria.


And they’re all annoying and mediocre to top it off so bye

If you want to know why millennials are far more economically liberal than other generations, consider the news that colleges have started opening on-campus food banks to keep their students from going hungry. Starving College Students and the Shredded Social Contract (via sociolab)

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anybody up who wants to mutual vent/chat/be silly on skype (text chat is fine unless you super want video)?

all my friends are asleep and you know what who doesn’t need NEW friends?

add me as leviathanpromise <3